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Perpetual Fuelwood System Research and Development

In an effort to advance home heating security, fuel security, and forest sustainability in Vermont, New England (and the cold climate world in general) WSD is conducting research and development on the production of concentrated fuelwood via rapid biomass producing hedges. Such fuelwood producing systems simultaneously build soil fertility (via mulching, root zone soil interactions and NO2-fixation) and sequester atmospheric carbon. Trials include tree crop production of hybrid willow species, speckled alder and hybrid poplars. Test sites includes Deans Mtn., Teal Farm, and in the future Northfield and Warren project sites. We are in grant writing phase for a test plot along the I-89 interstate corridor in Vermont and are continually seeking input and collaborators in this process. The most economical and regenerative short term application would likely be along the 300 miles of Vermont's interstate corridors (and the 46,837 miles/426,378 acres of interstate corridor in the United States highway system).

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